August 2018

Dear members, Dear friends,
I hope my message will find you well in the middle of this warm summer. I am taking the opportunity of this newsletter to bring you some fresh news from the front. 
A lot of exciting things have been happening at the EES since last time regarding the realisation of our vision. 
Following our wish to transform ourselves in a 21stcentury research institute, it was important for us to value our two most important assets, our library and archive. Thus, last June, we appointed Stephanie Boonstra as our new Collections Manager. 
I am very thrilled to be working with her, as she has so many interesting ideas about how to emphasise our collections. I want to take this opportunity to publicly welcome her on board! I encourage you all to come meet her at our office if you haven’t still done so. 
I am sure most of you will already be aware that we succeeded in getting a new concession in Sudan. Last July, I travelled in Sudan and signed the official paperwork allowing the E…

March 2018

February 2018

Dear Members, Dear Friends,
I hope you all had a very nice time since my last update. It might have been a while, but I wanted to have exciting news before sharing them with you.
The Coptos mission has been a great success! Within the framework of our fruitful training programme with junior members of the Ministry of Antiquities, we have found two very special structures that are thought to be storerooms or small workshops dated from the Roman period. 

They were located in the middle of a busy street, thus meaning that people had to pass in front of them every time they were coming to Coptos. What a brilliant way to tempt people to buying your products!
Two days after the end of our Coptos mission, I gave a whole day of training at our Cairo office where I presented to 15 Egyptian students and junior members of the Ministry of Antiquities the basic use of Illustrator and Photoshop for archaeological purposes. 

This training day has been a great success as it was sold out within the first …

October 2017

Dear all,
I am delighted to be writing to you from Coptos, a new EES joint venture conducted in cooperation with University of Lyon (France) and the Ifao. 
I am more than pleased to highlight the fact that the EES is happily returning to a site first excavated by one of our most glorious members, William Matthew Flinders Petrie. 
I flew to Egypt the day after the AGM. After having spent a first short night in Cairo, we drove to Coptos early Monday morning in order to arrive in the middle of the afternoon. At first, the Upper Egypt warmth was striking (37°C) but we got acclimated progressively :) !
After having signed the opening of the mission on the Tuesday 10th at the Qena inspectorate, we had our first day on the field on the Wednesday. This day and the second were used to remove the vegetation that was covering the whole site after a year left alone [fig.1].

Then came the Friday, our only day off from the field, used to organize the coming of the rest of the team. As we are staying in …